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After you read below, you may ask, "What can I do?" You can draw attention to by emailing the following people on Coast to Coast radio. Just tell George Noory and/or Ian Punnett that you have read the book, and that you believe it would be of great interest or whatever you wish to state to either or both of these men. Or you may write your favorite talk host and relate your opinions of They Own It All (Including You!). You may want also to join the affiliate program ( and earn $5.00 for every e-book that is sold from a simple import of a banner on your webpage. Once the banner is installed, you do not have to do anything else, just sit back and let the banner sell the book. Or, you can push the e-book to others in your networks or downlines. You may also wish to add your name to the list at

How important are doing these minor actions? Just read about what may happen in the near future stated from the lips of the Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom. Doesn't They Own It All (Including You!) explain what is happening and what is about to happen if we sit and do nothing? If one thinks it is tough to deal with the taxation system now, with the various monetary systems throughout the world, then, what shall it be like with a one New World Order monetary system? Will there be a New World Order taxation system? Shall there be no escaping this New World Order taxation system with international police enforcing the will of the very few against the many? Shall a conglomerate of nations, where freedoms are pendant upon a New World Order, rule the People of America? We believe that we are three-quarters of the way there, and that the gap is closing quickly. The bottom line, The New World Order shall perpetually take, and the People shall perpetually give of their labors and lives to support these moneychangers.

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The writing is now on the wall. If we do not awaken to that which is planned by those in power, we will be fated to serve the perpetual debt in servitude to masters that care not of our lives or our freedoms. Push the book, They Own It All (Including You!). Together, we can change the future and make a New People Order where all men are autonomous, they being in control of their lives, liberties, properties, and pursuits to their happiness.

The following is quoted from:

Brown calls for new world order
Prime Minister Gordon Brown believes the world financial crisis offers the opportunity to establish a "truly global society".

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Mr Brown will use a high-profile speech in the City of London to say that Britain, the US and Europe should join together to provide leadership in the creation of a "stronger and more just international order".
(COMMENT FROM NEW PEOPLE ORDER: Note the location of the speech: The City of London. It is important to know more about the City of London. Do a Google search. Study two links:, and You will learn that the City of London is essentially a sovereign state as the Vatican is a state as well. The City of London is actually a corporate state. It has its own education and separate police force. The sites expose the fact that the city and all its administration is internationally owned as a corporate entity. It is not British. What is omitted is who the international owners are, who the stockholders are, and what else this city-state might charter, such as central banks of other nations. We have seen the horrors of what a centralized government can do over the last century. Are we seeing in Brown's words the real purpose of the melt down? Is the purpose to place the world monetary system under one centralized power?)

He wants this weekend's emergency summit of world leaders in Washington to reach consensus on a new framework for the international financial system, featuring a reformed IMF which will act as a global early-warning system for financial problems, he will say.
(COMMENT FROM NEW PEOPLE ORDER: Financial problems. Perhaps he means an inefficiency or a glitch in the ability of the elite and bankers to clean us out.)

The Prime Minister promised to work with US President-elect Barack Obama to build a new global society in which the markets are subjected to morality and ordinary people's interests are put first.
(COMMENT FROM NEW PEOPLE ORDER: How are people's interests put first when they have been stripped of all property and made perpetual debtors by their governments' use of debt as money? New global society? A just society can only occur when people again own thier own labor and property.)

In his annual foreign policy speech to the Lord Mayor of London's Guildhall banquet, Mr Brown will say that the transatlantic relationship between Britain and Europe and the USA can be the driving force behind the creation of a new international order.
(COMMENT FROM NEW PEOPLE ORDER: Will he be tearing down the order of multiple debt currencies and replacing with substance, or simply consolidating all the debt currency of the world into a one world international debt currency?)

"The alliance between Britain and the US - and more broadly between Europe and the US - can and must provide leadership, not in order to make the rules ourselves, but to lead the global effort to build a stronger and more just international order," Mr Brown will say.
(COMMENT FROM NEW PEOPLE ORDER: More just for whom, the man who labors for his daily bread, or the creditor who owns the laborer and everything the latter thinks he has? Will the laborer be able to keep what is his or will this order make it even easier for the bankers to farm him and strip from him what they will?)

"The transatlantic relationship has been the engine of effective multilateralism for the past 50 years.
(COMMENT FROM NEW PEOPLE ORDER: And in the last 50 years, we have seen the elimination of all forms of lawful money compelling the people of America into debt bondage.)

"As America stands at its own dawn of hope, so let that hope be fulfilled through a pact with the wider world to lead and shape the 21st century as the century of a truly global society.
(COMMENT FROM NEW PEOPLE ORDER: With the bankers controlling everything, we will truly have a global society, the ruling elite, and the serfs on their plantation.)

"And I believe the whole of Europe can work closely with America to meet the great challenges which will test our resolution and illuminate our convictions."
(COMMENT FROM NEW PEOPLE ORDER: Note the term "illuminate". We again see the "Illuminati", the enlightened ones, or better put, the ruling elite, the ruling class. The Indian caste system still exists, only it is resolving into just two classes instead of several, and it is now worldwide instead of confined to India. The classes are: the rulers and the serfs (everyone else.))

FINAL COMMENT FROM New People Order: This makes it all the more imperative to read, understand and widely distribute the book!!! This should explain why it is important to have an ebook connected to a growing organization, the New People Order to counter the New World Order. They are well organized. They control the mass media and virtually everything you read and listen to. The only exception is what you might happen on to via the internet. The serfs are not organized, but can become so. Please consider what you can do to connect with others and support change. It must not only be "change we can believe in" but also change that truly does change. It must change our status, from debtor serfs, to the freemen with unalienable Rights as guaranteed in our nation's founding. Could the so called "Battle of Armageddon" be nothing more than a battle over an enslaving monetary system? Why have a bloody battle that will alert all the people to arms when you can accomplish the same through fraud and deceit and no one noticing?